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A team of professional graphic designers who have come together to hand pour delicious smelling, natural soy candles.

Candle labels created by Lighten Up Candle Co. are designed well because they are made entirely by industry professionals who have a passion for perfection along with all the skills necessary to design the most pleasing and balanced output. They are a result of many years of producing safety training for the corporate mining industry, as well as logo and invitation designs. Producing in the physical and not only digital world is something that really appealed to the Lighten Up Candle Co. team, plus it also gave them an endless (and wonderful smelling) canvas for their work.

Founder Chloe McMahon originally began producing fridge magnet quote artwork for the company Prism Concepts in 2001 when she was just 15 years old. Back then, the now popular motivational quote scene was relatively new and unheard of, therefore the business was a massive success and sold over 80,000 magnets Australia wide. Today there are plenty of quote labelled items around, although the quotes you see may not always be the ones you want. This is the issue the team experienced and this is why Lighten Up Candle Co. began. They’re here to help lighten up all your special moments whether it be a wedding, corporate function or even a custom Birthday gift for a friend or loved one.

So welcome to Lighten Up Candle Co. We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.

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